Top 5 Keerthy Suresh Movies You Should Watch

Keerthy Suresh is a well-known South Indian actress who is known for her great work in movies. In 2000, the Malayalam movie “Pilots” was Keerthy Suresh’s first role as a child actor. But it was her major part in the 2013 Malayalam movie “Geethaanjali” that made her famous and marked her arrival as a star actor in the industry.

Keerthy Suresh has shown how versatile she is by playing different types of roles in different types of movies. From historical characters like Savitri in “Mahanati” to modern parts in love comedies like “Rang De,” she has shown that she can change roles and do well in them.

Keerthy has won a lot of praise and awards for her outstanding efforts. The National Film Award for Best Actress went to her for her role as Savitri in “Mahanati.” She has also won several Filmfare Awards and other high-profile awards for her work in the business. Keerthy Suresh has worked in the Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam film industries in South India. Here are the Top 5 Keerthy Suresh movies you should watch. It will show you how talented she is and what great roles she has played.

Mahanati (2018):

Mahanati is a biographical film based on the life of the legendary South Indian actress Savitri. The movie came out on May 9, 2018, to good reviews. Many reviewers liked the story and said it was a celebration of Savitri’s life. Keerthy Suresh received widespread acclaim for her portrayal of Savitri, showcasing her versatility as an actress. She effortlessly captures the essence of the iconic actress, depicting both her rise to stardom and the challenges she faced in her personal life. Keerthy’s performance earned her numerous awards, including the National Film Award for Best Actress.

Annaatthe (2021):

Annaatthe is a Tamil action drama in which Keerthy Suresh shares screen space with Rajinikanth. Directed by Siva, the film centers around familial relationships and features Keerthy in a significant role. Fans eagerly anticipated this movie, as it brought together two powerhouse performers. Keerthy’s chemistry with Rajinikanth and her impactful performance contribute to the overall appeal of the film.

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Rang De (2021):

Rang De is a Telugu romantic comedy-drama in which Keerthy Suresh stars opposite Nithiin. The film explores the dynamics of an unconventional love story, with Keerthy playing the female lead, Anu. Known for her ability to effortlessly portray a range of emotions, Keerthy captivates the audience with her charm, wit, and vulnerability in this film. Rang De received positive reviews, with Keerthy’s performance being one of its highlights.

Miss India (2020):

In Miss India, Keerthy Suresh takes on the role of Samyukhta, a determined young woman with dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. The film delves into themes of ambition, perseverance, and the challenges faced by women in patriarchal societies. Keerthy’s nuanced portrayal of Samyukhta, her strong screen presence, and her ability to convey a sense of determination make Miss India an engaging watch.

Agnathavasi, Prince in Exile (2018):

Agnathavasi: Prince in Exile is a Telugu action drama in which Keerthy Suresh plays a pivotal supporting role. The film features Pawan Kalyan in the lead and revolves around a son’s mission to avenge his father’s death. Keerthy showcases her acting prowess in a character-driven role, leaving a lasting impression despite the limited screen time. Her performance adds depth and emotional weight to the narrative. The only good parts of the movie are the funny parts. Other than that, the movie fails in every other way.

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